freebit Managed Service

freebit Managed Service

What is freebit Managed Service?

freebit Managed Service is a service that operates and manages not only servers on our IaaS but also all server infrastructure such as other clouds, dedicated hosting, and on-premise environments on behalf of customers.

Regardless of the type of infrastructure you use, we will monitor your server 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, respond to failures, and perform other configuration tasks.

freebit Managed Service

Service plan features

We provide server operation know-how on IaaS developed by FreeBit on other cloud services, hosting, and on-premise environments.

We will provide the most suitable plan for our customers from among the MSP partners who are working with us.

We will handle the installation of tools for operation and operation tests, so you can easily introduce them.

Benefits of using the service

  • Reduce the burden on infrastructure operators

    We will solve the resource shortage of infrastructure operation staff, such as not being able to hire new people despite the lack of resources.

  • Supports system operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

    We realize 24/7 infrastructure operation that is difficult to set up in-house.
    In addition to our response time, we also utilize our know-how in operating the infrastructure of various customers to provide services that can meet high operational requirements.

  • Focus on your core development work

    If you are in charge of both infrastructure management and system development and selection,outsourcing infrastructure management allows you to concentrate on other tasks you need to focus on.
    By letting go of server management, which can be handled at any time, you can free yourself from mental strain.