Corporate Governance

Basic Concept of Corporate Governance

 The FreeBit Group aims to be an attractive value creation company supported by the pillars of advanced technical strength and service development capabilities. We consider both the establishment of a highly-transparent management system that can promptly respond to environmental changes as well as the pursuit of compliance management essential for the maximization of our corporate value and fulfillment of our corporate social responsibilities, and are actively working on enhancing our corporate governance system as our most critical management task.

Current Corporate Governance Structure

 Our current corporate governance structure is displayed in the chart below.

Implementation Status of Measures Concerning Shareholders and Other Stakeholders

Efforts to revitalize the general meeting of shareholders and encourage the smooth exercise of voting rights We post notice of convocation of the general meeting of shareholders on our website.
The notice of convocation is published before it is delivered.
IR activities Our disclosure policy is posted on the following URL of our website
In principle, our representative will provide an explanation and commentary, either face-to-face or via streaming video, etc., when the quarterly financial results are published.
The financial results briefing video for each quarter is posted on the following URL of our website along with our financial results, timely disclosure information, other PR information, etc.
We have established a department and dedicated staff responsible for IR activities.
Efforts to respect the position of stakeholders 【Environmental Conservation Activities and CSR Activities】
The content of our environmental conservation activities and our CSR activities is posted on the following URL of our website

We recognize that building a good relationship with our shareholders and other stakeholders is essential to our survival as a company. We are utilizing various media including this website to report on our management activities and explain our policies, etc. to build such relationships.