Privacy Policy


We pay the full attention to privacy and personal information (hereinafter called "personal information") of the people to which the information relates to (hereinafter called "customers"). We handle and manage personal information appropriately in compliance with the following privacy policy. The privacy policy below applies to all services offered by FreeBit. The clauses and rules of use are stipulated for each service apart from the privacy policy and the handling of personal information defined here.

1.Fundamental principle of information collection

When we ask you to provide personal information to receive any of our services, we inform you of purposes and details of the use of the information before we collect the personal information within the appropriate scope to ensure the efficient provision of services under our contract with the customer. When we automatically collect information relating to the manner in which you use the services, the collected data is only used in the summation of numerical values about network congestion and suchlike to enable us to improve the services. The data will never be used to obtain information that may identify individual customers. In addition, we do not collect or record any of the following information, even if customer agrees.

  1. 1.Race and ethnic group
  2. 2.Family origin and permanent domicile
  3. 3.Religious and political views, and membership of labor unions
  4. 4.Healthcare and sexual life

2.Fundamental principle of use

We use and maintain the customers' personal information within an appropriate scope to ensure that our services are provided efficiently. When we share customers' personal information with any third party, such as a business partner, we obligate the third party to manage the personal information in the same way that we do. We obtain this obligation through confidentiality agreements and suchlike. After the measures are taken, we or any of our business partners may send information that may seem to be useful for customers in connection with our services or our business partners' products, services or suchlike by e-mail or post.

3.Fundamental principle of provision

We do not disclose or provide customers' personal information to any third party other than our consignees, business partners who have concluded confidentiality agreements or parties taking over the related businesses without the customers' approval, except for orders that comply with the regulations or requests for references to documents.

4.Correction of personal information

Any request for disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information by the owner of the information shall be executed within the appropriate range after identification by our Customer Center in compliance to socially accepted ideas and customs.

5.Management system

We train all of our employees, including temporary employees and part-time employees, in the management of customers' personal information and brief them in the essential concepts. We strictly manage the information through the appointment of a privacy manager and take thorough preventive measures against unauthorized access, falsification and leaking by taking reasonable technical measures.

6.Observation of rules

We observe the rules concerning the handling of customers' personal information, guidelines and others under the Telecommunications Business Law.

7.Continued review and improvement

We continuously review the handling of personal information and also maintain and revise it so that the protection of personal information can be effectively implemented in accordance with social needs. If the information is altered without the permission of a customer, the customer will be informed of the revision by incorporating it in the Privacy Policy here so that customers can know the details.

8.Protection of information by parties other than FreeBit

The scope of this Privacy Policy is limited to the services offered by FreeBit, and excludes the Web pages and services of other organizations, companies and other parties linked to the Website. We are not liable for the protection of customers' personal information on such links.