freebit cloud VDC PRO

freebit cloud VDC PRO

Service plan features

Usage scene Recommended if you
Public web server Want to build a cloud environment smoothly
SaaS application platform Want to use resources without waste
Cloud migration of business applications Plan to transfer a large amount of data,
such as images and videos.

Important points of the platform

Complete with highly reliable "VMware" platform and high-performance UTM equipment "FortiGate" as standard.

Servers, networks, firewalls, load balancers, etc. all redundant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring and troubleshooting

List of features

Basic functionsfreebit cloud comes standard with up to seven different functions.

  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)

    With the know-how cultivated over many years of ISP infrastructure operation and the adoption of a complete duplex configuration, freebit cloud has achieved the industry's highest level [SLA 99.99%] high quality service.

  • Security function

    High-performance UTM (FortiGate) is provided as standard.
    You can use firewall, antivirus, antispam, and IPS/IDS functions without having to purchase any optional services.

  • Virtual machine management

    You can perform virtual machine management, server creation, cloning, detailed security settings, and all server operations from the web browser management screen.

  • Load balancer (L4)

    You can use FortiGate's load balancer (L4) from within the standard service.
    It allows you to configure server load balancing settings at any time from the admin panel.

  • Bandwidth control

    You can control network traffic and packets, and set bandwidth limits.

  • VPN connection (Ipsec/SSL VPN)

    It is possible to build a VPN.
    You can securely link your office with the cloud environment.

  • IPv6 compatible

    Fully compatible with IPv6
    You can switch between IPv4 and IPv6 at any time, so you can use it with confidence even when IPv4 is exhausted.

Custom optionsfreebit cloud is characterized by its high degree of freedom in cloud construction. You can customize it freely to realize your desired cloud environment.

  • Inter-datacenter cloning

    A function that clones (replicates) virtual machines between data centers in Tokyo and Osaka.
    Effectively utilizing the east and west centers provides a BCP measure.

  • Dedicated line connection

    freebit cloud allows you to connect a dedicated lne.
    This means that you can bring your existing network environment to the cloud as it is.

  • Physical server linkage

    freebit cloud enables hybrid configuration of physical servers and the cloud.
    We will realize flexible infrastructure design according to your request.

  • P2V, V2V (server relocation support)

    We will help you migrate from your existing infrastructure environment to freebit cloud.

  • Infrastructure construction agency service

    We have a variety of options to make your infrastructure construction more efficient.

  • Backup

    This is an option that enables business continuity by backing up not only data but also the entire OS and restoring it on the freebit cloud in the event of an emergency.

  • Node to node

    We provide a node-to-node access environment that enables secure access to the cloud infrastructure.

  • Closed network

    We provide an environment for accessing a secure cloud platform without going through the Internet network.