Corporate Philosophy

Being The NET Frontier!

The Internet is already becoming a social infrastructure in various areas. Still, the Internet has the potential to realize a pleasant and comfortable life never imagined before.

FreeBit Co., Ltd. works not only to seek its own profit but also to become a company that contributes to society by expanding the Internet.

Corporate Identity

「The Internet xEngine.」

FreeBit defines itself as "The Internet xEngine." The letter "x" prefixed to the word Engine indicates "a variety of things."

It depicts that FreeBit provides various engines for the Internet services.

「Inter Engineering.」/「Zen Of CS.」/「Core Operation Engineering.」

"The Inter Engineering," our Technical Guideline, indicates obtaining the big picture of the technologies for the best combination to create new "values."

The "CS" in the "Zen Of CS," our Service Guideline, indicates a "continuous service," maintaining continuous communications with our customers and high level of customer satisfaction.

"Zen" is Japanese "Zen," that is, the Zen mind, the frame of mind with which we provide our services.

The "Core Operation Engineering," our Operation Guideline, indicates the efficient designing, building and operating of networks and servers of the FreeBit Group and the infrastructure constructed by the integration of such networks and servers.

FreeBit as "The Internet xEngine" provides its service in compliance with the above three guidelines.

Corporate Message

It is the mission of FreeBit to "shape something new from scratch."